OOredoo Doha Marathon athlete guide

Start time

Meet us at the starting line on Friday 17th January 2025. Each category has a different start time:

We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes early for your designated race time. This way you’ll have plenty of time for a good stretch and warm-up, and to allow you to find the right starting position.


If you feel like winning the race and breaking a world record, position yourself at the beginning of the runners’ group. If your ambitions are more moderate, please allow the fast runners to start at the front and position yourself further in the crowd.

This is particularly important for popular categories, such as the 5 km run, which has about 3000 participants.

The cut-off time for the full marathon is at 1 pm, when the roads need to reopen for car traffic. However, even after 1 pm we will provide a safe escort to the finish line for every remaining participant. Good luck in your category! We believe in you and know you can OUTRUN YOUR LIMITS.


You will need to collect your race pack on the designated dates below. Please note that pack collection will not be available on race day.


The collection tent is open for 4 days.


AL Hotel Park – Al Dafna Area
Link to location on Google Maps:


Please bring your QID or passport to claim your pack. If you cannot attend in person, you may nominate someone to pick-up your bib number.

1. The person you nominate must have the following items with them: –
– Letter – written and signed by you, authorising that person (must include their name) to pick-up on your behalf.
– Printed copy of your bib pick-up email
– Photocopy of your passport or QID showing your name and signature.

2. In addition, the person picking up your pack and bib number must also provide:
– Photocopy of their passport or QID showing their name and signature.
– We will keep these documents on file for our records.


Don’t post your bib on social media before the race.
– Help us avoid bib fraud and save those close-up shots for after the race!

Your bib number belongs to you.
– Bib numbers are non-transferrable/non-exchangeable.
– No one else can run with your bib number.
– Duplicate bibs will be disqualified, including the source bib number.

Clearly display your bib number.
– Make your race count. We can’t record your race time unless your bib is clearly visible
– Your official race bib number has important information printed on it.
– Do not alter, fold, cover or duplicate your bib number.
– Display your bib clearly on your torso for the entire race.

Flip your bib over and fill it out.
– Write your medical and emergency contact information on the back of your bib.

Keep moving forward.
– To get the most accurate race results, do not go backwards on the race route at any time.
– Do not cross the finish line twice.


The start location is here:


There are two bag drop locations on-site to check in your items while you participate in the event.
– Please leave any valuables at home or with your supporters. Items left are at your own risk and the race organisers will not be held accountable for any theft, loss or damage


An army of 77 frontline paramedics will be available both along the race course and in dedicated areas. Cycle responders will be available to reach runners quickly.


Proceeds from your registration will be used as donations to give back to the community- THANK YOU!


See you at the starting line on Friday, 16 February 2024!
The clock is counting down until race day, and we look forward to welcoming you to the best marathon to date!




Half Marathon


Kids 1KM